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Pressure Force and Area Relationship

Many people do not know the pressure, force, and area relationship. pressure is inversely proportional to the area and directly proportional to force. Here is an assessment of pressure, force and area relationship and kinds of pressure. Assessment has been prepared according to the textbook of grade 8 published by PTB. Question Text Answer Answer … Read More

English Grammar | All Parts of Speech | Pronoun Assessment 1

 MCQs Assessment’s Instructions Question Text Answer Answer Answer Answer Submit { question: “Q. 1 Examples of demonstrative pronoun are:”, a: “his, her, your, my”, b: “he, him, you, it”, c: “which, who, whom, whose”, d: “this, that, these, those”, correct: “d”, }, { question: “Q 2. A pronoun is a word that can replace the … Read More

Parts of Speech | All 15 Types of Nouns

 Are you searching for an assessment about “all 15 types of nouns”? Here we have prepared an assessment with 20 MCQs for you. This will help you to judge your learnings about kinds of nouns. Nouns and their kinds are an essential part of English grammar. Before attempting the assessment Quiz read notes about all … Read More

All Parts of Speech | Definitions | with examples

 All Parts of SPEECH In This Article Noun What is a noun? Define a noun. How do you define a noun? If anybody asks this type of question, you may answer him as: Definition of noun  The noun is the name of a person, place, thing, idea, quality, or feeling.  It is a naming word … Read More

What is the transgender act 2018?

  Transgender act 2018 in Pakistan Transgender act 2018 in Pakistan  What is the reality of the Transgender Bill, which has become the top trend of all kinds of media in Pakistan now a day?  Who will get benefit from it? What concerns are being raised in society? If so, how can we protect our … Read More

Independence Day Speech in English for Students

(4:15 Minutes Speech for Students On Independence Day, 14 August) In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful Honorable chief guest, respected teachers, worthy of respect parents and dear fellows! The topic assigned to me is Independence Day. Dear Audience!  As Muslims, we have our customs, values and, most importantly, our … Read More

Essays in English | Essays for all classes

My School Essay (350 Words) An institute plays a significant role in society. It gives an environment forstudents’ physical, mental and educational growth. It is an institute thatfulfills the needs of society. Schools are the doors of education that leadus to success in life. I read in Govt Furqan Shaheed High School Sheikhupura. It is … Read More

Chemical Reactions Notes and Assessments Grade 8 Science Unit 5

Question Text Answer Answer Answer Answer Submit ]; const quiz= document.getElementById(‘quiz’) const answerEls = document.querySelectorAll(‘.answer’) const questionEl = document.getElementById(‘question’) const a_text = document.getElementById(‘a_text’) const b_text = document.getElementById(‘b_text’) const c_text = document.getElementById(‘c_text’) const d_text = document.getElementById(‘d_text’) const submitBtn = document.getElementById(‘submit’) let currentQuiz = 0 let score = 0 loadQuiz() function loadQuiz() { deselectAnswers() const currentQuizData = … Read More

What are the pollutants and how they affect environment?

 POLLUTANTS AND THEIR EFFECTS ON THE ENVIRONMENT Science Grade 8, Unit No. 4 1. What are the natural sources of pollution? Answer:  Dust storms, rotting vegetation, and volcanic eruption are three primary natural sources of pollution.  2. Which human activities are causing pollution? Ans: Burning fuels, extensive use of vehicles, aerosols, fertilizers, insecticides, and burning of fuels … Read More

Speech For Kashmir Day

 Speech  For Kashmir Day  In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful.  Ladies and gentlemen! Good Morning! Let me give a few words to the heart-rending silence of Kashmir.  Unclaimed bodies were abandoned mercilessly in the bleak alley of this dark drab city.      O, God!  If there is anybody,  Could … Read More