Why We Have Dreams? Is Daydreaming the type of Dreams?

 Why We Have Dreams?

Why We Have Dreams? feelings, desires, memories, fears, emotions

     We dream based on our feelings, desires, memories, fears, and emotions. Many other factors, such as physical hunger or cold, can often be a part of our dreams. We often hear from others that when they wake up after falling out of bed, they remember that they were dreaming of falling from a roof. Psychologists who research the causes of dreaming say that dreams are not ours. Reflects comfortable desires and often in the form of dreams we fulfill such desires.

    According to this theory, when we sleep, the obstacles in our way, the obstacles in the fulfillment of desires also fall asleep. Sometimes the fear and confusion, hidden in our subconscious also appear to us like a dream. 


 Daydreaming is the type of dream we see when we are awake. Night dreams We see in sleep There is a clear difference between these two kinds of dreams. Otherwise, the dreamer dreams only in a state of contentment and tranquility.

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