What is a Dumb Swan, Duck and Goose?

What is a Dumb Swan?

What is a Dumb Swan?

     Although the swan is a water bird of the genus Duck and Goose, it is much larger in size. A black bump is visible on the orange beak of the dumb swan. It floats in the water with its neck shaped like the English letter S in a beautiful and dignified manner. In fact, they are not dumb, but when they feel threatened, they growl loudly and make loud noises as they fly.

     As they fly, they flutter their wings with every flutter of their wings.

 In winter, they lay eggs and hatch within their specified limits. These days, their males are in a very aggressive mood to protect their nests and puppies. In winter, however, they live in groups in search of food.

     They bite underwater to bite underwater plants. The unusual length of their necks helps them find food.

     The swans camp on the shores of waterways and beaches in summer and fly to large lakes in winter. The dumb king swan lives mainly on underwater plants. But in winter, they move to swampy areas in search of fodder.

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