What a strange bird it is! A bird having amazing nature

What a strange bird it is! A bird having amazing nature

A flamingo is a strange animal

A flamingo is a strange animal with strange habits. It is a stick-like long-legged bird with a curved neck and long beak. This bird dives its head into the water and moves back and forth in search of food. At the edges of its beak are striped plates called lamellae. It moves its thick tongue inside the beak in such a way that water escapes from the lamellae. The rest of the vegetables and small insects are left, which become its food.

        Flamingo builds residential colonies. Sometimes, they are found in thousands in a colony.

        Males and females mate on an annual basis, and females lay only one egg a year. Their eggs are nested on their own mounds of soil to protect them from water.

They make a hole in the top of the mound in which the female lays her eggs and incubates them. Making a pit on the mound, they pick up the soil with their beaks and smooth it out.

    Males and females take turns laying their only eggs. When the free bird goes in search of food.

    In most areas, they keep their eggs warm, but surprisingly, they keep their eggs cool in Kenya’s Rift Valley, a warmer region.

Different breeds of flamingo have slightly different colors. While the colors of a species of bird can also be identified by the geographical environment and food.

    These hard-shelled oysters eat more, which makes them more flamboyant than flamingos who have little or no chance of eating these pink oysters.

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