Amazing Facts | Why do We Wake up From Sleep?


Amazing Facts | Why do We Wake up From Sleep?

Why Do We Wake up From Sleep?

     There are some things about sleep that even scientists are unable to explain. Sometimes we fall into a deep sleep right away and sometimes it happens that we do not fall asleep despite our best efforts and desire to sleep. Experts still do not know what is causing us to wake up. There is only energy in every mental toil like thinking, seeing, and feeling. Like all bodies, our brain and nervous system need rest. When we wake up from a calm and deep sleep, we are happy.

    One reason for waking up may be that even during sleep, our body feels emotions such as hunger or the severity of the weather, or fear. Such feelings act as an internal stimulus for the brain and we wake up. Conversely, one of the reasons we wake up may be that our sleep is over.


Even during sleep, our nervous system is constantly in motion. It acts as a balance between internal factors and informs the brain. It is also aware of the dangers of the outside world. The heart can never stop beating, but at rest, it slows down.

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