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When Socrates was a child

It is a moral story for personality development. Everybody should read this story to develop his personality and way of thinking. 

When Socrates was a child, he used to go for a walk every day.

Along the way was a potter’s house, which made pottery. He would go to the potter and sit down and look at him carefully. He loved watching the process of making the pot.

One day the potter, seeing his condition, called him and asked him.

“Son! You pass by here every day and sit next to me and watch … what do you see?”

“I see you making pots and I love watching this process … it raises a few questions in my mind … I want to ask you.

Listening to Socrates, the potter spoke.

“That’s great … you ask, what do you want to ask?”

“Where are the utensils you make … sketched?”

“First it comes to my mind any sketch it in my thoughts. …”

Socrates spoke enthusiastically.

” I understand ….”

The potter asked in surprise.

“Understand what?”

“That everything is formed in thought before creation. This means that in the mind of the Creator we were created first, creation came later … Now my next question is when you are making pots. So, what do think about its life span? “

“I make it with love. Whatever I make, I make it with sincerity and make the most of my abilities while making it so that no shortcomings remain.”

Socrates nodded in affirmation.

“It makes sense, too, because He made us. what happens … The next question is, you’ve been making pots for so long, is there any such desire?”, Which you want to be fulfilled. “

“Yeah! Yeah … I want to make a pot that will make the world go crazy and I’ll never be able to make a pot like that again …” The potter said sadly.

Hearing this, Socrates jumped.

“Wow! Every time the Creator creates the world in such a way that the world wakes up involuntarily because the Creator knows that no one else will come back like the man I am sending into this world.”

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