16 Qualities of a Great School or Institution | Characteristics of a Quality School

Characteristics of a Quality School. 

     Everyone wants to get the best education for their child at any cost. For many like us, having the best careers for children is a top priority. It was learned yesterday that the admission campaign has started in government schools across Punjab. In the minds of the people, the same sketch of the government schools of twenty or thirty years ago has been made that Master G is sitting on a chair holding a stick and shouting at the children, one child is bringing lassi for Master G, one is bringing food. . Someone is doing housework while a child is pressing Master G’s feet. Now the situation has changed a lot. That situation is no more. Now all government schools have been digitized and connected to each other. The most qualified MA, M.Phil teachers are given regular training every year.

That Situation is No More:

If you are not convinced, check the results of the last five years. This year, the best curriculum of international standards (SNC) has been introduced. For extra-curricular activities, Hasan Qiraat, Naat Rasool Maqbool, writing and speech competitions are held every year at district and province level.

  1. All teachers in government schools have a master’s degree and a professional degree of Bachelor of Education, in addition to many M.Phil and Ph.D.
  2. Government schools have very beautiful school buildings.
  3. Education in government schools is free and there is a well-organized system to grant scholarships, uniforms, and free educational facilities for eligible students.
  4. Books are free for every child in government schools.
  5. The curriculum is prepared under the supervision of the country’s top academics and authors. Now, this syllabus is also known as Single National Curriculum.
  6. Professionalism is taken care of in government schools, such as science teacher science subjects, while the responsibility of teaching and training of languages is given only to the master degree holder of the relevant language.
  7. There is a systematic record of all children in government schools and this data is stored in a software app. This app contains a complete record of everything from your child’s health to educational trends and from attendance to distance from school to home, available.
  8. There is a regular mechanism for teaching Quran after morning assembly in government schools.
  9. The latest methods for education and training are also adopted in government schools. The start of science and computer labs in high schools is a shining example.
  10. In government schools, extra-curricular and extra-curricular activities are regularly organized.
  11. There is a systematic system of checks and balances in government schools. There is a chain through which teachers, headteacher clerks, and other staff are closely monitored as well as trained and given certificates of appreciation and rewards for good performance.
  12. Attendance at government schools is officially checked several times a month and attendance must be at least 90%.
  13. Government schools have the strictest internal and external forensic audits.
  14. In order to improve the quality of government schools, in addition to the concerned officers, MEAs are deployed who visit three schools daily and in addition to the strictest checking and audit, also take an online test of children called LND and this test is a tab. Which is directly connected to the chief minister’s office also.
  15. In government schools, your child is brought up in a very nice and spacious environment. And flourishes with strong and secure hands.
  16. There is a regular series of examinations in government schools and question papers of all terms are printed under the supervision of government agencies and come to the schools.

    It is up to you to decide whether or not to enroll your child in a government school, but make sure you visit the nearest school once.

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