10 Secrets of a Successful Teacher | Qualities of a great teacher | qualities of a successful teacher

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10 Most Important Secrets of a Successful Teacher, Qualities of a great teacher, What should a teacher look like in the present age?

10 most important secrets of a successful teacher

  1. Confidence of abilities 
  2. Knowing the purpose 
  3. Teamwork
  4. The character of a teacher
  5. Communication
  6. Vision
  7. Attitude and ettiquites 
  8. Feedback from the students
  9. Health competition environment in class 
  10. Versatility 

 More than 80% of teachers are unfair with their knowledge because they do not have the skills to teach. They are neither real researchers nor do they try to do so. They do not encourage children and they do not have a positive attitude towards their work. This is because the person who is hired to teach is not suitable for the job.

    Teaching means keeping children busy in class in such a way that they don’t even feel the passage of time. I myself am so busy, many times that I don’t even feel the passage of time. A teacher is a role model, who does in front of the children, what he wants to teach his students. But unfortunately, we still have a memorization system. Children’s memory is tested to see how much material they can put into their minds. Such children have degrees but no ability, no skills. 

    We never tire of the work we love. In modern times, most of the work in education should be on one’s “behavior organization”. We have not been able to develop the attitude of loving our work. We hate what we are doing. The result is that we get tired of our work and start feeling bored. We don’t like our work and we get bored with our work. As a result, the speed of our work is reduced and the result is zero.

  • What qualities does a person need to be a good teacher? 
  • What criteria does a good teacher meet? 
  • What should a teacher look like in the present age?
Let’s take a look at it.

1. First Secret of a Successful Teacher: Confidence of Abilities”

    Any student in the world comes to his teacher or institution to get confidence that he can do something. The problem is that our teachers teach the student but do not convince him that he can do anything. They forget the fact that the first number is belief, not the mind. If you convince your student of this and tell him, “You can do this,” you are giving him the greatest favor in the world.

    When a child becomes convinced of his or her ability, then he/she becomes interested in reading and learning. After that, the teacher does not have to say it again and again. Then it doesn’t need any motivation.

“When the power inside the egg breaks it, life is born.”

2. Second Secret of a Successful Teacher: knowing the purpose

    Very few people know that when you have to move forward, to reach a place or destination, you must have a purpose. You are not an ordinary person if you have a purpose in life. A good teacher knows what he is working for. The problem with us is that when we ask a teacher the purpose of his work, he is unaware of it. He replies that he wants to earn some money to raise his children. This thinking can be of any day laborer, not of a teacher.

“The purpose of life is not to spend days, months, and years, but to live life for a purpose.”

3۔ Third Secret of a Successful Teacher: “Teamwork”

    Everyone in the world wants development. Whether he is a student, a parent, a teacher, or a businessman, he wants to progress in any field of life. But he does not know the biggest secret of progress and success. Only those who work together with others make progress in the world. Our problem is that if we can’t get along with our sisters, brothers, and parents, how will we get along with other people? If parents disagree with us on something, we do not avoid annoying our parents. The characteristic of a good teacher is that he is accustomed to working together and instills this ability in his children. When the child sees that our teacher does not walk with us. He humiliates us over small things, so he doesn’t work with other people in society. He humiliates others. If an officer does not respect his subordinates and humiliates them, then a positive attitude cannot be promoted in society. When we do research on such people, we find that these people had a teacher with such a temperament.

4. Fourth Secret of a Successful Teacher: “Character”

    You will be amazed to know that the most successful people in the world, the most successful teachers, and the most successful intellectuals were actually people with character. Today’s teacher may have the skills to teach science, may have a degree, and may have a good memory, but sadly, today’s teacher lacks character. Take the example of Socrates. He holds a cup of poison in front of him and smiles. The person standing nearby asked. You are dying and smiling. What’s the secret? So Socrates answers. This is not my life My life is my thought The sentences I say have a life. The thoughts I taught will be remembered for thousands of years. Remember when there is a character, there will be life.

5. Fifth Secret of a Successful Teacher: “Communication”

    A good and successful teacher has the ability to explain things. He has the ability to communicate. He has the power to explain things in minutes. This is because he has the ability to speak. He keeps the children attached to the lesson and does not let them get bored. You are a good teacher if you know how to keep children busy. It should not be the case that the teacher is teaching and the children are either smiling or on their mobile phones.

6. Sixth Secret of a Successful Teacher: “Vision”

    The teacher must realize how important his work is. He must have dreams. The teacher must have a vision of his own. He should know very well why he is reading. Man with vision is always alive. He has a passion for work. He has a longing to work and this is the longing he creates in his disciples.

7. Seventh Secret of a Successful Teacher: “Attitude and Etiquettes”

    You go to the market and see what it looks like before you buy it. The packaging of the item gives a good idea of its quality. Good or bad is the latter. First, you look at the appearance of the object. Sadly, our teacher does not know what to wear and how to walk. How to communicate and what are the etiquettes of eating and drinking. He is wearing a nice suit but with sports shoes.

    I have seen the eating, drinking, and talking styles of many teachers. Rest assured, if people know the habits of these teachers, never send your children to study with them. 

The seventh quality of a good and successful teacher is that he keeps his clothes and appearance good. When people meet him, they fall in love with him.

8. Eighth Secret of a Successful Teacher: “Feedback”

    A successful teacher takes feedback from his children. Children who finish school. Their behavior and performance are a reflection of the teacher’s character. When such students make a list of decent people in life, they must put the teacher’s name on the list. And such children stay in touch with their teacher and sometimes take pride in attending the teacher’s service.

9. Ninth Secret of a Successful Teacher: “Healthy Competition”

    Successful teachers create constructive thinking in children and create an atmosphere of healthy competition. Children develop a sense of competition and develop a sense of accomplishment. Remember that the teacher who created competition in children became a great teacher. 

10. Tenth Secret of a Successful Teacher: “Versatility”

    The most important quality that a successful teacher instills in his children, is self-confidence. The teacher himself is confident. He trusts in his knowledge. Keeps updating his information. Compatible sciences from modern times give a man self-confidence. A teacher associates himself with modern sciences and has a basic knowledge of the sciences even if he is not an expert. In this way, he gives his students a new direction, new thinking, and new ways so that his students can achieve success in life. 


    In short, a teacher’s job is not a trivial matter. The whole nation is entrusted to him, If he wants to spoil it or if he wants to fix it, it depends upon him.  The responsibility of the teacher is very sensitive because the responsibility for the survival of the nation is entrusted to the teacher. Therefore, the teacher must be fully aware of his responsibility.

Some major qualities of a good teacher include:

  • Communication skill
  • Listening
  • Collaboration
  • Adaptability
  • Sympathy
  • Patience

A teacher cannot make his teaching more effective without:

  • Engaging class
  •  Exchanging best practice
  • A lifelong love of learning  

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