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 Assessment Science Class 7 Unit # 5   Water


  • This assessment is arranged for grade 7 students. 
  • Syllabus: Science Unit No. 5 with the title “Water”
  • You should read carefully about water. 
  • Write your name first. It is necessary. 
  • Give Email. (if any)
  • You have only one chance. If you submit the assessment, you will not change or edit it again.
  • All questions are necessary.
  • Select the correct option. Every question carries 2 marks. You can not edit or change it after submitting the form.  
  • Total questions (MCQs) are 20. Each question carries 2 marks.  
  • The total Marks for this assessment are 40. 
  • So, do it carefully. Pray for the team.
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