Optimism | Disappointment | Frustration


Optimism | Disappointment

    Whenever I feel disappointed, or overwhelmed with frustration and sadness, I can get rid of all my frustration, depression, and sadness within an hour. I go to my library and close my eyes and go to the closet which has history books in it, then in the same state, I reach for a book. I don’t know which author’s book it is or which press it is printed in. Be it the history of angels, the conquest of Mexico, the Halakukhan, or any other book about the Byzantines.

    I don’t care if that history is made up of Christians, Muslims, or any other religion or ideology. My eyes are still closed and I guess I open them. I start reading every page that comes in front of me. I read this book for an hour. As I read, I begin to realize that the world has always been full of sorrows and troubles. Civilization and culture have been staggering in the cave.

Pages of history

The pages of history resonate with stories of war, famine, poverty, epidemics, and inhumane treatment of human beings.
The towers of the heads appear to be forming. Walls adorned with human bones and human skulls appear. Scenes of mass grave marks begin to unfold before our eyes.


    After reading history for an hour, I began to realize that even today, although the situation is worse, it is much better than it used to be. It helps me to see my current problems and sufferings in their proper context and to understand that the world as a whole is constantly improving.


This is a way to write the whole chapter. Read the history!

Your soul will realize how much trouble the world has gone through. There are so many tragic stories behind evolution. Certainly, you will not even realize your pain. As soon as you realize this, your own frustration and sadness will disappear completely. You too must try this method sometime.

Try to understand the ten thousand-year view. You will find your problems very low and insignificant in terms of eternity.

According to the poet:

How much grief there is in this world, how little grief I have

When I saw the grief of the people, I forgot my grief. Thanks, God!

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