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 Toilet Paper Holder

Toilet Paper Holder

    One of the inventions made for human benefit is the toilet paper holder. The toilet paper holder is a type of stand used in the washroom. Today, the most beautiful designs are available in the market. Toilet paper holders and tissue paper have become a big business nowadays.

 Undoubtedly, this is a useful and great invention. But here are a few questions that come to mind.

  1. Why the need for a toilet paper holder?
  2. Where was it first used?
  3. In which areas is its use more?
  4. When were toilet paper holders used?
  5. What is the right place for it in the washroom?
  6. What is the correct use of toilet paper?
  7. Problems with toilet paper
  8. Which one is best?  use of toilet paper or water pressure gun?
  9. Which is cheaper? Use water with toilet paper or bum gun

It is said that need is the mother of invention. Man did not invent anything until he felt the need for it.

1. Why the need for toilet paper?

In countries where it is very cold and snowy, the water freezes or is so cold that it is difficult to use. Due to the freezing of water in the taps, there are problems in cleaning the toilets. The main reasons for its use can be:

  • Difficulty using water in severe cold.
  • Freezing of water in extremely cold areas in extreme cold.
  • Water shortage
  • Luxurious lifestyle

According to historical facts, the use of toilet paper in Western countries began in the fifteenth century AD, but if we look at the history of China, China used it first.

China used toilet paper in the second century AD.

2. Why the need for a toilet paper holder?

As the use of tissue paper expanded, so did the handling of it. New York inventor Seth Wheeler first used a toilet paper holder in 1891.

The idea was well-received in cold regions, and various designs began to be introduced.

3. What is the right place for it in the washroom?

The location of the toilet paper holder for handling toilet paper in the washroom is chosen according to its design. Here are the things to look for when selecting a site.

  • Toilet paper holder in front.
  • The toilet paper holder is within reach.
  • The toilet paper holder should be close to the right hand as most people are right-handed and the paper is easy to break.
  •  The toilet paper holder should be at a height above the floor to protect it from water during cleaning and prevent it from getting wet.

4. What is the correct use of toilet paper?

In terms of usage, it is helpful to take care of the following.

  • Fold the paper two or three times.
  • Hold the paper in your left hand and move it from the back to the toilet.
  • For the first time, just rub it once and throw it away.
  • Fold the paper a second time and hold it with your left hand and rub it again.
  • The third time, rub the sheet of paper two to three times back and forth to clean it thoroughly.

5. Problems with toilet paper

As you have read, in western countries or in colder parts of the world, due to lack of water, tissue paper is used more. But there are some difficulties and problems with its use and beyond.

  • Unnecessary use of it often leads to complaints about the closure of sewers.
  • It costs a lot to open a sewer when it is blocked.
  • Tissue paper and tissue paper holders are quite expensive. 
  • Have to buy it again and again. If you forget to bring it from the market, you may get in trouble if you suddenly go to the washroom.
  • Sewerage pipes also have to be kept large, which increases the cost of building a house.

6. Is the use of toilet paper or water pressure correct?

Which is cheaper? 

Use water with toilet paper or bum gun

In view of the cost of using toilet paper, I would suggest that you prefer to use water.

Because repeatedly getting rid of tissue paper saves. Bum guns can be used only once to get rid of repetitive tension.


Both inventions have their own benefits, but I think the use of water improves sanitation, reduces costs, and eliminates sewerage problems.

Which method do you think is best and which method do you use? Your comments will be appreciated.

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