Indeed Assessment | English Reading Skills


Indeed Assessment | English Reading Skills

Why reading is so important in today’s society?

The reduction of readings is causing a lot of social problems and ills.

General Observation

    It has been observed that children and adults are constantly on the mobile screen for many hours. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube and a long list of social media keep us hooked all the time. It has some benefits, of course, but our new generation has been turned away from the book. This is our downfall.

    Disadvantageous of Wrong Trends

  • Our students are losing their ability to comprehension of the text. They read only superficial words, do not try to understand in depth.
  • On social media, after every minute and after a few words, a new topic and a new thing come up. The reader cannot read anywhere unilaterally.
  • To understand the context of the words, the techniques of the words and their usage are decreasing.

As a result, communication skills are weakening.

  What should we do now?

  First Read this: 

  •     We are going to arrange a series of assessments of different kinds to improve the reading skills of our students and a new generation. 
  •     This assessment will improve the reading skills, writing skills, spelling practices as well as comprehensive the English paragraph. 
  •     Anybody who wants to improve his reading and understanding skills in the English language should attempt these tests and assessments. 
  •     Assessment is prepared according to the syllabus of the Punjab Text Book Board. 
  •     Grade 7 English Book, Lesson no. 1 “The Last Sermon of the Rasool Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) will be helpful in solving the assessment.

   How to solve this assessment?

  • You have to attempt all the questions.
  • All the questions are compulsory. 
  • Be careful about your short Questions and Answers. Any mistake could lose 5 marks. 
  • Marks should be awarded only by writing a complete sentence with Full Stop or any punctuation mark. 
  • Be careful about capital letters. 
  • You would not be able to edit any part of the assessment after submission. 
  • For better results, students should read the textbook class 7 of Punjab Text Book Board. 
  • These assessments help the student to prepare for their class tests as well as final exams. All assessments are prepared very carefully. Students can check Answer Keys after their first attempt completion.
  • The first 6 short questions carry 5 marks each. 
  • The other 5 questions carry 2 marks each. 
  • Total marks: 40
  • Passing marks: 30
Assessment English Grade 7 Unit 1
“The Last Sermon of the Rasool Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)”

Here is another assessment of English grammar. The assessment is to assess the students’ knowledge about nouns and their kinds. 

Noun and Kinds of Noun Assessment 25 MCQs

Assessment English Grade 7 Unit 2 
“My Village”  
Total marks=50
Questions: MCQs, Fill in the blanks, Rewrite the sentence short answers. 

Science Assessments

 Based on Unit 1, Grade 7, Book Science
Note: Wait for the next assessment.
It will be shown here. 

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