Computer Science | Class 7 | Notes Unit 1

Computer Science | Class 7 | Notes Unit 1

Computer Science

Class 7 Unit #1 Hardware Basics  Shorts Q/A

These short questions and answers have been prepared according to the syllabus of class 7 Punjab Textbook Board. You can copy and paste these notes for your personal file. These are absolutely free. You can get science notes by clicking the following links. 
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Q. 1 What is the computer?
Ans: A computer is an electronic machine that accepts data and gives results after processing with high speed and accuracy.
Q. 2 How many components of a computer?
Ans: There are two types of components of a computer.
I. Hardware
II. Software.

Q. 3 What is software?

Ans: Software is the set of instructions that are given to the computer to perform a specific task. Softwares are computer programs. It is just like the soul of our body. Window, MS word, and MS paint are examples.
Q. 4 What is hardware?
Ans: The physical parts of a computer that we can see and touch are known as hardware. CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse are its examples.
Q. 5 What are the input devices?
Ans: The devices which are used to enter data into a computer are known as input devices for example keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner and digital camera.
Q. 6 What are the output devices?
Ans: After processing computer gives us answers with the help of some devices such as a monitor, printer, and speakers. These devices are called output devices.

Q. 7 What are the storage devices?

Ans: The storage devices are used to store data in a computer for a long time and later use. hard disk, USB Flash Memory, CD disk, and memory card are examples.
Q. 8 What are the communication devices?
Ans: communication devices are used to communicate and connect a computer with other computers. for example modem.
Q. 9 What is the system unit?
Ans: The system unit is a box where processing takes place.
Q. 10 What is a motherboard?
Ans: Motherboard is the main circuit board. All the computer components are connected to it.

Q. 11 Define processor.

Ans: Processor works like a human brain. The processor is a silicon chip fixed on the motherboard. Its primary purpose is to carry out the set of instructions and process the data efficiently and accurately. It is also known as a CPU (central processing unit).
Q. 12 What is meant by CPU?
Ans: CPU stands for Central Processing Unit.
Q. 13 How many components of a processor?
Ans: There are two main components of a processor.
L U and CU. ALU stands for Arithmetic and Logical Unit and CPU stands for Control Unit.
Q. 14. How many parts of ALU?
Ans: There are two parts of arithmetic unit A U, and logical unit LU.
Q. 15 What is the function of AU?
Ans: AU performs mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
Q. 16 What is the function of the logic unit?
Ans: It compares two quantities and gives answers in the form of true or false.
Q. 17 What is the function of the control unit?
Ans: The control is the unit that controls and directs all the operations.

Q. 18 What is memory?

Ans: A memory is an electronic chip. It stores instructions so that the CPU can process them.
Q. 19 What is RAM?
Ans: RAM is a volatile memory. RAM stands for Random Access Memory.

  • It is volatile memory.
  • It is temporary memory.
  • It is the working area of a computer.

Q. 20 What is a ROM?

Ans: Ram stands for Read Only Memory.

  • It is a permanent Storage Area.
  • It contains startup instructions.
  • It is non-volatile memory.
  • It is the storage of data for later use.

Q. 21 What are the expansion cards?
Ans: An expansion card is a small circuit board. Its basic purpose is to expand or enhance the capability of a computer.
Graphic cards, network interface cards, sound cards and modems are its examples.
Q. 22 What is meant by expansion slot?
Ans: An expansion slot is a long narrow circuit on the motherboard into which different expansion cards can be plugged. There are three types of expansion slots:
i. ISA slots ii. PCI slots iii. AGP slots.
Q. 23 What is the use of PCI slots?
Ans: PCI means peripheral component interconnect
It is faster in speed than the ISA slots. This slot is used for sound cards graphic cards network cards and as well as modems.

Q. 24 What is the use of the AGP slot?

Ans: AGP stands for Accelerated Graphic Port. It is a high-speed slot. It is used only for graphic cards or 3D graphic cards.
Q. 25 What is cutting-edge Technology?
Ans: The latest and the most advanced stage in the development of Computer technology is known as cutting edge technology. Barcode readers, fingerprint readers, and Robots are examples.

Q. 26 What is a barcode reader?

Ans: A barcode reader is an input device. It gathers information by reading a barcode. Barcodes are the set of instructions printed on different products.
Q. 27 What is the fingerprint reader?
Ans: A fingerprint reader is a device that captures the fingerprint and translates it into digital codes. These codes are compared with the already stored information in the computer by other departments.

Q. 28 Write down the three main uses of the fingerprint reader.

  1. It is used for criminal investigations by the police.
  2. It is used for employee attendance.
  3. It can be used for door locks.
  4. It is used to open the mobile screen lock.
  5. It is used in security systems.

Q. 29 What is the main function of a robot?
Ans: NASA is using robots for space exploration.

Q. 30 What is a robot?

Ans: A robot is a machine that is controlled by software contained in the chip. Robots are made to help human beings. It is an electronic machine that has the ability to interact with physical objects even human beings. These are also known as mechanical agents.

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