SBA Grade 8 Computer with Answers

School Based Assessment Grade 8 Computer with Answers

School Based Assessment (SBA) Computer Grade 8 

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Q1. A channel or path through which the data or information is transferred from one place to another in a computer network is called:

a) Communication device

b) Sending device

c) Transmission media

d) Receiving device

Q2. A Computer network consists of ______ basic components.

a) three

b) four

c) five

d) six

Q3. In a computer network, ______ is a popular communication device which is used for internet communication.

a) DSL

b) modem

c) switch 

  d) server

Q4. In a computer network, _________ is a device used to receive messages.

a) communication device

 b) sending device

c) transmission media

 d) receiving device

Q5. When two or more computers are connected in a way that they can share   information is called:

a) Internet

b) Transmission 

c) Network

d) Communication

Q6. Networkshare connected by wired or ____________ transmission media.

a) physical

b) cable

c) digital

d) wireless

Q7. Modem is a popular ____________ device which is used for internet.

  1. communication

  2. b) sending

  3. transmission

  4. d) receiving

Q8 In a computer network, the receiving device could be a computer, ________ or a storage device.

a) printer

b) modem

c) keyboard

d) mouse

Q9 A computer in a network that relies on server for resources is called __.

  1. server 

  2. client

c)macro computer

d) micro computer

Q10. Which of the following is a powerful computer that provides variety of services to computers in a computer network?

a) Terminal

b) Client 

c) Server

d) Super Computer  

Q11. A computer in a network that shares resources for other computers is called:

a) Server 

b) Client 

c) Powerful computer

d) Micro computer

Q12. Which of the following computer in a network relies on server for resources?

a) Server 

b) Client 

c) Powerful computer

d) Micro computer

Q13. WAN stands for:

  1. Wide Area Network 

  2. Work Area Network

c) Wired Area Network

d) World Area Network

Q14. The network that connects the devices in small area is:

a) LAN

b) MAN

c) WAN

d) PAN

Q15. Cable television network in a city is a good example of________________.

a) LAN

b) MAN

c) WAN

d) PAN

Q16. Which threat spreads through internet to computers?

  1. Worms

  2. Antivirus

c) Infected Flash Drives

d) Pirated Software

Q17. How virus, worms and adware spread from one computer to another?

a) Infected Flash drives

b) Deleted files

c) Software

d) Program

Q18. Which of the following is not a threat to computer?

  1. Updating Data

  2. Worms

  3. Stealing

  4. Pirated Software

Q19. Unwanted banners, pop-up message are the example of __________.

a) Worms

b) Antivirus

c) Adware

d) Pirated Software

Q20. To scan a computer using AVG Antivirus, we have to click۔

a) Whole computer scan

b) Scan specific files or folders

c) Anti-Root kit scan

d) Scan Drivesا

Q21. Which of the following threat automatically plays, displays or downloads advertisements on computer without user’s knowledge?

a) Worms

b) Virus

c) Adware

d) Spyware

Q22. Which of the following is a spread sheet software? 

a) MS Office Excel 2007

b) MS Office Word 2007  

c) MS Office Power Point 2007

d) MS Office Access 2007

Q23. In spreadsheet software, the columns are represented by:

a) Numbers

b) Symbols

c) Alphabets

d) Pictures

Q24. Worksheet is a collection of __________ on a single sheet.

a) cells

b) fields

c) files

d) work book

Q25. Worksheets in a workbook can be accessed by the:

a) sheet tabs

b) name box

c) office button

d) quick access toolbar

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