English Assessments Class 7 with Answers

School based Assessments English Class 7 with Answers

100 MCQs Math Grade 7 solved Click to see and download for free to take print A4 size

We prepare these assessments according to the PEC syllabus. 

For the convenience of students, we have marked their answers.

Students should memorize the following MCQs well to perform better in the exam.

Care has been taken in marking the answers. However, if any error is found, be sure to write in the comments section.

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School-Based Assessment 2022 English Grad 7 with answers New

Test (1)         English         Grade 7 (2022)

Name of Student __________ ____ ____ Date ______ Total Marks: 40

Q.No.1. “I read the
book __________you gave me last month.”

a) who      
b) which               c)
whose                             d) whom

Q.No.2. “Where are
the people_______ ordered the meal?”

a) who                          b) that                              c) which                          d) when

Q.No.3.“The car
________ my brother bought, is comfortable.”

a) what                                  b) whose                           c) that                           d) whom

Q.No.4. “Mr. Aslam, _____ is a postman, lives
at the corner of the street.”

a) who                        b) whose                 c) which                    d) whom

Q.No.5. Choose the
word with the correct spelling.

a) Necessery                    b) Necessairy                  c) Necessiry                d)

Q.No.6. Choose the
word with correct spelling.

a) Legitimat                  b)
Legitamate                    d)

Q.No.7. Identify the
word with correct spelling.

a) Pollution                      b) Pallution               c) Pullation                      d) Pelluation

Q.No.8. Choose the
word with correct spelling.

a) Dictionary                   b) Dictienary           c) Dictionry                    d) Dictshnary

Q.No.9. “Adil was ____________ the
dust from the carpet.”

a) removes              b)
             c) removed        d) remove

Q.No.10. “I _______ buy a new English
book tomorrow.

a) shall               
b) is                  c) was                    d) had

Q.No.11. .“The
magic show was funny. __________ enjoyed it.”

a) Everywhere        b) Anybody      c) Everybody       d)

Q.No.12. “Please
serve _________ rice in the plate.”

a) any                      b) some                           c) few  
        d) many

and Ali are writing an essay. __________ want to complete it soon.”

a) He                  b) She                      c) You                        d) They

Q.No.14. “Farhan and Fahad are
brothers. _______ gave a gift to their mother.”

a) Those                    b) Our              c) Them                  d) They

Q.No.15. Choose the
correct sentence.

a) Sana and Ahmed have finished our work.

b) Sana and Ahmed have finished they work.

c) Sana and Ahmed have finished their work.

d) Sana and Ahmed have finished them work.

Q.No.16.“Laraib is
an intelligent girl. ______ studies in seventh grade.”        

a) He                    b) She   
                             c) They 

Q.No.17. “He was
_________ juice when I saw him in the shop.

a) drank        b) drink         c) drunk        d) drinking

Q.No.18. “She spoke too softly. I couldn’t _______her.”

a) hear               b) hears        c) will hear        d) heard

Q.No.19. Identify the irregular form of the verb.          

  a) Ask            b) Smile      c) Drink            d) Laugh

Q.No.20. Identify the pair of an irregular verbs from the given options.

a) Add, Arrive       b) Accept, Laugh       c) Come, Eat         d) Help, Jump

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English Assessments Class 7 with Answers

English Assessments Class 7 with Answers

Test (2)     English    Grade 7 (2022)

of Student ___________ Father Name ________ Date ______ Total Marks: 18

Q.No.1. Choose the correct verb form of present perfect tense to
complete the sentence.

 _________ her room already.”

a) cleans        b) cleaned        c) has cleaned     d) is cleaning

Q.No.2. “My father is coming. He
____________ home yet.”

a) haven’t arrived       b) hasn’t
       c) didn’t arrived        d) wasn’t arrived

Q.No.3. Use the correct form of verbs to make the present perfect tense.

                              “He ____________
around the world.”

a) travels         b) is traveling       c) has traveled       d) has been traveling

Q.No.4. Use present perfect tense in the given sentence.         “They  _______ their work.”

a) has finished      b) have finished      c) had finished               d) have been

the following paragraph and answer the questions given below.

      Pakistan is an
agricultural country. Its economy is mainly based on agriculture. Farmers
play the most important role

in the production of food. They work from dawn till dusk for months. Farming
is a difficult profession. First, they dig the land and water it. Then they sow
seeds and water the land to help them grow. They make the land suitable for
more and better production. It is not as easy a task as it looks. It is very hard
to stay on land for hours in extreme summer and winter seasons.
Farmers sow their hopes and wishes with
seeds. The whole family work to get money to fulfill their needs. They provide
the nation with food. But they are paid less for their hard work. Farmers are
the backbone of the economy of our country.

Q.No.5. Choose the most suitable title for the above

a) Life of a Farmer                        b) Production of Food

c) The Economy of Pakistan        d) The Family of a Farmer

Q.No.6.What is the synonym for “Help”?     

  a) Grow           b) Support         c) Produce         d)

Q.No.7.Who is the backbone of the economy of the country as mentioned in the

a) Children         b) People         c) Policemen         d) Farmers

Q.No.8.What do farmers provide to the nation?

a) Hopes         b)
Wishes          c)
         d) Education

Q.No.9. Why is land watered after sowing seed?

  a) To get food                          b) To help seeds to grow      

 c) To fulfill needs                        d) To get good results

Test 3        English    Grade
7 (2022)

Name of Student
______________ ____  Date ______ Total Marks: 60

Q.No.1. Identify the passive voice sentence.

a) Alina has
washed the floor of her house.

 b) Omar wants to buy a new sports car.

c) The bike was repaired by the mechanic.   

d) I have collected one hundred old coins. 

Q.No.2. Pick out the passive voice

    a) Boys are playing in the garden.          b) He went to Murree last year.
    c) The car is driven by my mother.          d) They are not learning the lesson.

Q.No.3. Identify the passive voice sentence.

    a) He likes tea in the evening.         b) They are buying a new house.
    c) We are decorating our school.      d) She is invited by her neighbor.

Q.No.4. Identify the correct active voice of the following

        “A hockey match
was played by them.”

    a) They are playing a hockey match.
    b) They have played hockey matches.
    c) They played a hockey match. 
    d) They have been playing hockey matches

Q. No 5.
“My mother touched my hair

        “The underlined word “gently” is an adverb of:
                a) time             b) manner          c) place          d) frequency

Q.No.6. “The bride
was beautifully dressed.

        “The underlined word “beautifully” is an adverb of:”

        a) manner      b) time     c) place     d) frequency

Q.No.7. Identify the
kind of underlined adverb in the given sentence.

goes for a walk daily.”   

a)Place           b) Time        c) Manner       d) Frequency

Q.No.8. The man
shouted angrily at the crowd.       The
word “angrily” is an adverb of:

a) manner          
b) degree           c) time                        d) place

Q.No.9. How many
syllables does the word “Importance” has?

One          b) Two           c) Three     d) Four

Q.No.10. Find out the syllables of
the word “Religion”.                

a) One       
b) Two        c) Three         d)

Q.No.11. How many
syllables the word “Companion” has?        

a) two        
b) Five       c) Four         d) Three

Q.No.12. How many
syllables the word “Accident” has?             

a) One          b) Two         c) Three
                       d) Four

Q.No.13. “Children are _______in the notebooks.”                      

a) write            b) wrote        c) writing         d) written

Q.No.14. “Did you _______ last night?”                   

sleeps             b) sleep      
c) have slept      d) slept

Q.No.15. Complete the sentence with a regular verb.
“They  ___  a lot.”

a) go              b) run             c) talk           d) give

Q.No. 16. “He _______ 
my suggestion.”                

                                a) accept             b)
         c)accepting     d) are accept

Q.No.17. Choose the adjective of quantity among the
following options.

a) Black         b) Happy        c) Flat           d) Five

Q.No.18.“Zain is the ________ person in my class.”

a) funny              
b) funnier         c) more
funnier           d) funniest

Q.No.19. Identify the kind of underlined adjective. “My
brother is very honest.”

a) Colour              
b) Quality       
c) Number            d)

Q.No.20. Identify the kind of adjective: this, that,
these, those.

a) Demonstrative        b) Possessive        c) Interrogative     d) Indefinite

twinkle little star,               How I wonder what you are,

                              Up above the world
so high, Like a diamond in the sky.”

   Q.No.21. The phrase “like a diamond in the
sky” is an example of:

a) simile         b) metaphor            c) alliteration           d) personification

Q.No.22. Identify the sentence having

    a) She is just like a shining star.
    b) Go and gather the green leaves on the grass.
    c) He is as brave as a lion and we are proud of him.
    d) People worked hard for money to make their ends meet.

Q.No.23. “Nabil has
the heart of a lion.” The phrase “the heart of a lion” is an example of:

a) simile         b)
c) alliteration          
d) personification

Q.No.24. Recognize
the alliteration from the given options.       

    a) Sheep should sleep in a shed.
    b) The moon smiled at the stars in the sky.
    c) The animals bend in the evening.
    d) He is a shining star in this class.

The first thing we do in our schools is in the morning assembly.
It is a good start to our day in school. It is a motivational start to our day
in school. All the students stand in rows on the ground. Our physical
education teacher monitors our discipline in the assembly. Our class teacher
monitors our uniform, shoes, nails, etc. A group of students participates in
this activity. Our teachers share some important news or advice or make important announcements. This activity is certainly very helpful. All of us
learn discipline, moral values, and prayers in our morning assembly.

Q.No.25.   Identify the
most suitable title for the given paragraph.

        a) Calm Atmosphere          b) My Class teacher
        c) School Library              d) Morning Assembly

Q.No.26. Choose the correct meaning of “discipline”.      

a) Control   
  b) Desires               c) Powers        d) Favours

Q.No.27. What do our teachers do in Morning Assembly?

    a) Our teachers take our oral tests.            b) Our teachers play on the ground.
    c) Our teachers share news or advice.        d) Our teachers teach us lessons.

Q.No.28.Morning Assembly comprises of all of these EXCEPT:

a) monitoring                      b)

c) uniform                            d) competition

Q.No.29.Morning assembly is an important source of ___.

a) self-discipline                  b) practicing games

c) competition                     d) sharing

Q.No.30. In Morning Assembly, we learn:                

 (a)right and wrong           (b)good or evil                   

(c)obligations                      (d)all of these

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