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School-Based Assessment 2022

Class 8

SST Grade 8 History and Geography Grade Assessment is available here. 

Science Grade 8 Objective MCQs with answers and a Subjective paper are here.

Tarjma Al Quran Objective solved and Subjective assessment is available here, you can click to download.

Urdu Assessment Grade 8 with answers is available here.

English Grade 8 with Answer is available here. 

Computer Grade 8 with Answer is also available Click here

Science Grade 8 with Answer is also available Click the link to see.

Urdu Grade 8 assessment is also available here click to download.

Class 7

To get the Assessment of Grade 7 (SST) History and Geography 

Please Click the Link Here.

Math Assessment grade 7 with answers MCQs and Subjective

Science Grade 7 MCQs and Subjective Solved Assessment are available here.

Math Grade 7 with Answer 100 MCQs Answers available here.

English Grade 7 Assessments with answers are available at this link. Click Here

School-Based Assessment 2022 English Grad 7 with answers New

Urdu Grade 7 Assessment objective-type questions with answers

Class 6

English Grade 6 with Answer is available here. 

 School-based assessments are the best way to evaluate student performance as well as teacher performance. Punjab Examination Commission has issued a notification about school-based assessments for the year 2022. 

According to notification regarding School Based Assessment SBA, all students of public schools are bound to take part in these assessments. It is very necessary to participate in these assessments because assessments are very necessary to evaluate the performance of teachers and students. 

Assessments also tell us where we are and what is need to be done. Teachers should play a very important role in conducting these School-Based Assessments. 

Key Points or Important Features of School-Based Assessments

Here are some main points of these assessments program which will be held in May all over Punjab as per the schedule of the Punjab Examination Commission. 

  • The Govt. of Punjab Pakistan will conduct the School-Based Assessments for all grades 01-8.
  • Assessments will be oral for classes one and two (1-2) which consist of objective-type questions MCQs.
  • For grades, Three to Eight 3-8 assessments will be in written form. 
  • The written form includes MCQs, short questions, and open-ended questions also. 
  • The ratio between MCQs and open-ended questions is probably the same in all grades. 
  • For Muslim students of classes  1-5, the Nazra Quran assessment will be taken 50 marks. 
  • Non-muslims students will take part in religious education for 100 marks. 

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