Pakistan will make the decision of the United Nations

Pakistan will make the decision of the United Nations

Pride is a very valuable thing and you have to pay a heavy price for something valuable.

Role of Previous Politicians

    I have heard from my elders and political pundits since childhood that it is not possible to deny America. He will bomb our country and turn it into a pile of gravel. In the reign of Nawaz Sharif, a journalist was abducted from Pakistan. Despite the mass assassination of Rayman Davis during the PPP era, he was expelled with great care. At the call of America Brave in Kargil War, Nawaz Sharif sat like a pet outside the door of America. All of this left a lasting impression on me. I had full faith in Imran Khan’s honesty but when he said who is America attacking our own brothers and sisters from our country, I thought it was just air rage. America brave and refuse! It is impossible. Because I have seen all the right-wing parties, including the Jamaat-e-Islami, chanting the slogan “America is an enemy and its supporters are traitors, traitors, and Hush! Hush! Doggy Bush” When the MMA, formed a government on the border, their mouths were closed against the United States.

Bold Step of Imran Khan

    However, I could see that even then Imran Khan was very aggressive in stopping NATO supplies. But I also thought that a party like Jamaat-e-Islami, which was not in the government when it seemed that it would blow up the infidels, but when it came to power, it proved to be not a donkey but a mule.
Then came a time when I heard Imran Khan saying “Absolutely Not”. I was shocked. But even then, it was thought that an interview given to a channel, not a policy meter, did not have any special meaning.

Statement of PM in Assembly

    But when Imran Khan stood up in the assembly and made a statement, he was proud of his choice and for the first time in my life, my chest felt wide as a Pakistani and a Muslim. But after Imran Khan’s statement, the plans of secret visits of many politicians to the United States and secret contacts for the pleasure of the United States came to light. Dogs proved to be the people who used to pose for us in such a way that their hearts wanted someone to come and respond by putting an eye on America. And he came and did it. So some people turned out to be such bastards in Imran’s hatred that they even started verbally attacking Imran.


May Allah grants our leader perseverance and he will lead the country on this path. Someone said,
“The time is not far when the decisions of the United Nations will be at the will of Pakistan.”

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