Speech For Kashmir Day

 Speech  For Kashmir Day

Speech  For Kashmir Day

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful.

Ladies and gentlemen! Good Morning!

Let me give a few words to the heart-rending silence of Kashmir.

Unclaimed bodies were abandoned mercilessly in the bleak alley of this dark drab city.

O, God!

If there is anybody,

Could anybody come forward and help me out? sisters must have looked around. Mothers must have waited at doors, and old fathers must have gazed around.

A Kashmiri is burnt to death brutely, an unclaimed body abandoned mercilessly. Wet eyes, trembling lips, the sound of veiling mournful mornings and gloomy evenings.

This is Kashmir. Seventy years ago India landed its army at Srinagar airport to occupy Kashmir. Since that day Kashmir valley has echoes with screams of mothers and sobs of sisters and rending silence.

    Dear Audience!

Kashmir is famous for its beautiful and natural sceneries of varieties of Flora and Fauna, throughout the world. It is also known for its different kinds of agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, herbs minerals, Saffron a precious stone, and the finest kind of embroidery on cloths. The scenery beyond this world makes Kashmir a paradise. The land of sparkling rivers and startling gardens, Kashmir is the best of some of the most beautiful flowering meadows and snow-capped peaks, and Chinar trees. The abundance of natural beauty has earned the valley the nickname “The Switzer Land of the East”.

The Kashmir conflict is perhaps the worst territorial struggle in the whole world. This Kashmir dispute is a burning issue between India and Pakistan.

It is not a paradise anymore but a “hell” that lives in the souls of its inhabitants. Over the centuries the poets have preserved in words and verses. The sorrow and deprivations of Kashmir are such beauty and this impression!

“ o, Kashmir! I feel sorrow for you.”

Bari udas hy wadi gala dbaya huwa hy

Ye saans leti rahy per ye ly na saky

Drakhat ugty hein ye such such kar jaise

Jo sar uthaye ga pehly wohi qalam hu ga

Na me jannat si koi tasweer hun

Na bazurgoon ky khaboon ki tabeer hum

Jis ko mil kar k sadyoon se loota gya

Mein wo ujri hui aik jageer houn

Han mein Kashmir houn Han mein Kashmir houn.

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