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My School Essay (350 Words)

An institute plays a significant role in society. It gives an environment for
students’ physical, mental and educational growth. It is an institute that
fulfills the needs of society. Schools are the doors of education that lead
us to success in life.

I read in Govt Furqan Shaheed High School Sheikhupura. It is an excellent institute and a grand historical building. 


 It was established in 1922
by the British empire. The building has been divided into four blocks. A green
lawn is present in the front of every block. All the rooms of my school are
airy and are designed according to the needs of students and their education.
There is an excellent system of electricity and sewerage. The Govt of Punjab
has provided the best filtration plant. 

Lab Facilities:

There are four labs in my school, Physics lab, Chemistry lab, Computer lab, and Bio
lab. All the classrooms have been decorated with colorful educational charts.
My school has a beautiful library, and almost five thousand books have been arranged
on shelves.


My school has three playgrounds: one for cricket, one for football and the other
for basketball.

 Indoor games are arranged in Chohan Hall. My school wins many
medals in every tournament. My school is a nursery for many sports. A large
number of national-level players are old students of my school. 

All the playgrounds have many shady trees. The audience sits under these trees during
the match.

 Literary Activities:

 Every student is invited to take part in
literal activities like Husn-e-Qiraat, Naat Khawani, Bait Bazi, and speech
competitions. Many times my school has won provincial-level competitions.


 There are more than a hundred teachers in my school. All the teachers are trained and
well-educated. They are very kind and sympathetic. They teach us
wholeheartedly. My school shows excellent results every year. The old students
of my school are performing in every walk of life prominently. 


 My school is my second home. I feel comfortable in school. I enjoy studying with
my friends and teachers. We are like a family in school. I pray that may ALLAH
bless everyone with such a beautiful school. 

l love my school.

A Road Accident (an Essay)

In Pakistan, road accidents are very common nowadays. Broken roads, lack of awareness about traffic laws and rash driving are major causes of road accidents. The majority of victims of road accidents, unfortunately, are young people below thirty years of age.


I witnessed a road accident last week. I was coming back from school, and suddenly, I heard a screeching sound. I turned at once to what was going on. A car had hit a young lad.

I rushed to see who was he. A young lad was lying in a pool of blood. It was a pitiable scene. Someone called Rescue 1122. They arrive in no time and picked up the boy at the hospital. Meanwhile, the police arrive at the spot. They arrested the driver. The cause of the accident was the negligence of the driver. He was on the phone while driving and he hit the boy walking along the road. I came home and went to the mosque for Maghrib prayer. I prayed for the speedy recovery of the boy.


I strongly recommend you to beware of the traffic rules. The use of mobile while driving is strongly discouraged.  We should obey the traffic codes on roads. We should keep our lane. We should be very cautious while crossing the roads. 

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