Independence Day Speech in English for Students

(4:15 Minutes Speech for Students On Independence Day, 14 August)

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent and the most merciful

Honorable chief guest, respected teachers, worthy of respect parents and dear fellows!

The topic assigned to me is Independence Day.

Dear Audience! 

As Muslims, we have our customs, values and, most importantly, our beliefs. As a nation, we have our rules and regulations. Verily, we are enjoying our lives in a free atmosphere; we have opportunities to move on. Now, we breathe in fresh and free air. We are free to go everywhere. We are free to adopt any profession of our choice. We have opportunities to grow in any field according to our interests.

 Dear fellows! 

You are fortunate to have these opportunities and freedom. 

Do you know what you have in this free atmosphere is a great blessing? You will also understand that every blessing has a price. And this blessing you are using has been paid for by our elders.

And these blessings that we get with a free homeland are the result of the sacrifices of our ancestors. 

They worked day and night. They fought cruel rulers with great courage and bravery. Many of them became martyrs, and many sacrificed their lives.  The only slogan on their tongues was “We Want Freedom”

“We Want Freedom”

“Ley ke rahein gy Pakistan.”

Whenever they asked, “What is meant by Pakistan?”, 

“What is Pakistan?”. 

They replied the meaning of Pakistan is, “there is no God but Allah”.

All this fruit was from the tree that Allama Muhammad Iqbal planted. Allama Muhammad Iqbal presented the concept of a separate Islamic state in the subcontinent. And the Muslims made this concept a reality under the leadership of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. 

Honorable chief guest! 

History is a good lesson. It reminds us of our true worth, dignity, and strength. The history of the Muslim struggle under united India is a clear testimony that the Muslim effort is a burning desire for a real and independent state.   That history of struggles and sacrifices teaches us how much our country Pakistan is valued.

14th of August day comes to remind us of our unmet and ignored commitments and responsibilities.

We have a massive responsibility on our heads. We are responsible for our nation’s development, progress, prosperity, and peace. We have to stick to the point of unity, integrity, disciple, and faith, as said by our great Quaid.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah said,

“Pakistan is meant to stay forever here. None can undo it.”

Therefore, being a responsible future for my country, I commit to working hard and staying a disciplined, loyal, sincere, truthful, and obedient citizen of Pakistan. I would serve my compatriots with honor, dignity, and a sense of pride.

Best of luck! 

Long live Pakistan!

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