School Based Assessment 2023 for grade 8 English with Answer Key

School Based Assessment 2023 for grade 8 English with Answer Key

As grade 8th English students, you have probably been hearing a lot about the upcoming school based assessment 2023. But what is SBA and why should you be paying attention to these assessments? The answer is that this is a great opportunity for teachers to assess their students’ abilities and what they have learnt in a whole session. With this guide, we will be discussing everything related to SBA 2023 so that when the assessment day arrives, you can assure yourself knowing that you prepared! So the question which arises for many students of grade eighth is that what is SBA and why should it be important for them to focus on this particular subject.

School Based Assessment 2023 English Subjective Solved Pg#1

Punjab Examination Commission is a body set up by Government of the Punjab to assess the learning achievements of the students of grade 1 to 8. Following school based assessment 2023 is according to the syllabus of PEC.

School Based Assessment 2023 English Pg#2

School Based Assessment 2023 English Grade 8 year 2023

We provide the School Based Assessments with Answer Keys for helping the students of these subjects:

School-Based Assessment 2023 English Pg#3

School Based Assessment 2023 English Pg#3 for grade 8
School Based Assessments for grade 7 are also available here.

SBA 2023 is a broad that is designed to assess students’ abilities and knowledge in English, one of the core subjects at the middle school level. In addition to evaluating students academic skills and knowledge, SBA also aims to measure students critical thinking skills and helps to improve their knowledge about the grammar and to apply those concepts  in the real world contexts.

School Based Assessment 2023 English Pg#4

Whether you are a student just starting out in grade 8th, or nearing the end of your middle school tears, SBA 2023 offers an important opportunity for you to show what you know and demonstrate your skills and abilities. With proper preparation and a willingness to put in the effort, you can be confident about doing well on this important assessment.

With the upcoming SBA 2023 fast approaching, many students have questions about what this assessment entails and how they can prepare for it. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about SBA for grade 8th students:

What is School Based Assessment 2023 , and why does it matter?

SBA is a extensive assessment that is prepared for the students by the teachers so that they can test whether the student gets the concept in the class and implies it in real concepts.

How does School Based Assessment 2023 work?

It contains a variety of assessment components like the MCQs, short questions, essays, projects and presentations.

What skills will I be evaluated on?

SBA evaluates a range of skills, including reading the comprehensions, writing proficiency, critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.

How can I prepare for SBA?

There are many ways to prepare SBA, from attending extra classes or studying with peers to working closely with your    teachers and asking for them to give the feedback.

What is expected of me on assessment day?

As part of the assessment process, you will be asked to complete several tasks and assignments related to English topics.


As you prepare for SBA 2023, keep in mind that it is a chance to showcase your knowledge and skills in English. With hard work and dedication, you can succeed on this important assessment and make the most of this opportunity.

Good luck!

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