School Based Assessment 2023 Math Grade 8 with Answers

School Based Assessment 2023
School Based Assessment 2023 for grade 8 English with Answer Key

As it was practiced last year, Punjab Examination Commission has arranged School Based Assessment 2023 this year. It’s that time a year ago, The Punjab Examination Commission organized school based assessments for all elementary classes from 1-8. This means if you are a Grade 8 student, you should be getting prepared for the upcoming math assessment. Here is what you need to know about the upcoming assessment and how to best prepare.

First Page MCQ No. 1-6

School Based Assessment 2023 Math Grade 8 with Answers

The Math Assessment Details

The math assessment will cover several topics including algebra, probability, statistics, geometry and number theory, among other topics. It will consist of multiple-choice questions as well as some open-ended questions that require students to explain their answers in an essay format. The assessment will be conducted over two days with the first day dedicated to multiple-choice questions and the second day dedicated to essay writing.

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How to Prepare for the School Based Assessment 2023 Math Grade 8?

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The best way to prepare for this assessment is by studying and reviewing your notes from class regularly. Make sure you review key concepts such as solving equations and graphing linear equations to refresh your memory on these topics. It’s also important to practice solving problems so you get used to the types of questions that may appear on the assessment. Finally, make sure you get plenty of rest before taking the test so that your mind is sharp and ready.

Additional Resources

If you are feeling overwhelmed or unsure about some of the material covered in this exam, there are many resources available online that can help you out. Websites like Khan Academy and IXL offer practice tests and tutorials on math topics ranging from basic arithmetic operations all the way up to calculus and trigonometry. Additionally, there are many books available that provide detailed explanations of various mathematical topics. Make sure that whatever resources you use are up-to-date so they accurately reflect what is being tested in this particular exam!


The School Based Assessment 2023 Math Grade 8 is quickly approaching so now is the time to start preparing. Be sure to review key concepts from class such as algebra, probability, statistics, geometry, and number theory so you are ready when it comes time for testing. Additionally, make use of online resources such as Khan Academy or IXL for additional help with understanding certain concepts or practicing problem-solving skills.

Good luck!

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