Assessments and Notes

Notes and Assessments Class 6, 7, 8

Science Class 6

Science Class 7

Science Class 8

Science Unit 1Science Unit 1Science Unit 1
Science Unit 2Science Unit 2Science Unit 2
Science Unit 3Science Unit 3Science Unit 3
Science Unit 4Science Unit 4Science Unit 4
Science Unit 5Science Unit 5Science Unit 5
Science Unit 6Science Unit 6Science Unit 6
Science Unit 7Science Unit 7Science Unit 7
Science Unit 8Science Unit 8Science Unit 8
Science Unit 9Science Unit 9Science Unit 9
Science Unit 10Science Unit 10Science Unit 10
Science Unit 11Science Unit 11Science Unit 11
Science Unit 12Science Unit 12Science Unit 12

Assessments English Grammar Class 6, 7, 8

Class 6 English GrammarClass 7 English GrammarClass 8 English Grammar
Noun AssessmentsNoun AssessmentsNoun Assessments
Verb AssessmentsVerb AssessmentsVerb Assessments
Pronoun AssessmentsPronoun AssessmentsPronoun Assessments
Adverb AssessmentsAdverb AssessmentsAdverb Assessments
Adjective AssessmentsAdjective AssessmentsAdjective Assessments
Preposition AssessmentsPreposition AssessmentsPreposition Assessments
Article AssessmentsArticle AssessmentsArticle Assessments
Conjunction AssessmentsConjunction AssessmentsConjunction Assessments
Modal Verb AssessmentsModal Verb AssessmentsModal Verb Assessments
Tenses AssessmentsTenses AssessmentsTenses Assessments
Kind of Sentences TestsKind of Sentences TestsKind of Sentences Tests
Active/Passive VoiceActive/Passive VoiceActive/Passive Voice