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Computer Networks and Communications Notes Grade 8

 Computer Science Grade 8 Unit #1 Notes Q/A Many computer systems are now connected together to communicate each other, this is called a computer network. These networks may be consists of only few computers or maybe a large network such as internet. In this chapter of the book computer science grade 8, we will discuss … Read More

The deteriorating political situation in Pakistan

The deteriorating political situation in Pakistan  I was shocked and upset. So much so that it never happened after returning to Pakistan from overseas in 2014. Friends explained that staying out is a good job, breaking free bread. The job was really good, I was associated with the company director who was arguing with me … Read More

Notes Science Grade 8 All Units Q/A Form

Notes Science Grade 8 in Question / Answer Form  Notes and tests of all subjects of elementary classes are available here. Just one click and you can download and copy notes / Assessments for class. Click on the image you want to view and download.        Notes Computer Science Grade 8 are available Click ✅ Here

Pakistan will make the decision of the United Nations

Pride is a very valuable thing and you have to pay a heavy price for something valuable. Role of Previous Politicians     I have heard from my elders and political pundits since childhood that it is not possible to deny America. He will bomb our country and turn it into a pile of gravel. In … Read More

SST-History-Geography grade 6 School Based Assessment with answers

School Based Assessment History and Geography Grade 6  Here is an assessment of history and geography class 6 according to Punjab Examination Commission.  Attempt all question and each question has equal 1.5 marks. Here is a pattern for better understanding for students. First try yourself then match your answer to get the accuracy of your … Read More

7 Grade History and Geography Assessment with answers and subjective

7 Grade Assessment Objective and Subjective Here are 32 Multiple Choice Questions according to the syllabus Punjab Examination Commission.  We provide the correct answers to all the MCQs for students. The red colored rectangle is a correct answer but students should try to solve the question themselves.  After finding the answers students can match their … Read More

School based assessment sst grade 8 history and geo with answers

 School Based Assessments Social Studies or History and Geography Grade 8 Here we are going to show you some images about assessments of History and Geography of Class 8. These assessments will help the students in their exams for better result. Students should read the textbook carefully and then should try to solve this type … Read More

Math 6 school based assessment 2022 solved MCQs

Math grade 6 Assessment 2022 Solved is here for students to practice more for better performance in annual assessment. Annual assessments are taken by Punjab Examination Commission. These Assessments are sample or pattern of Annual examination assessments.  So, Students should try to solve themselves and then match the their answer with given answers for satisfaction … Read More

Assessment math grade 7 with answers English Urdu Medium

  Assessment Math Grade 7 MCQs Solved including Subjective Part Urdu and English medium both papers are here for students to practice.  These papers are just examples to direct students. The purpose of these assessments is to tell the students about the pattern of papers for better understanding. Unsolved Assessments are also available at the … Read More

Science grade 7 assessments 2022 MCQs and Subjective

School Based Assessment Science Grade 7 with Answers  Subjective paper also included at the end of this post.  Every student should try himself to give the answer.  In case of any difficulty we have given answers of all MCQs in red box. Telly your answer with given answer and make sure your answer is true … Read More